Happy World Swim Day!

Today, October 24th is World Swim Day. World Swim day is celebrated on the fourth Saturday of October every year to promote living a healthy lifestyle through swimming and also raises awareness for the importance of water safety. Throughout this week our swim students have been practicing their swim safety skills in our pools and having fun while doing so! We practiced the basics regarding asking before entering the water & always having a swim buddy, what to do if you fall in the water fully clothed, floating in all different positions, throwing floatation to buddies in trouble and calling for help to nearby adults. The older swimmers also practiced extended lengths of treading water, and different rescue holds to swim their buddy back to safety. Thank you to all our wonderful swimmers and their parents for a great safety week at the pool!

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Today we are experiencing some thunder and lightning so there will be no more water activities for today, see you again tomorrow!

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Please reserve in advance for all activities. ​ Group sizes are smaller for all our activities Diving - we are taking 6 divers onboard instead of 12 to allow for more space while gearing up and during

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