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Aqua Rehab


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Did you ever think about AQUA CYCLING? It's FUN and GOOD for you!

Aqua-cycling is a cycling class that takes place in a pool. Participants get on stationary bikes that are submerged in 3-4 feet of water, and they're required to pedal against the resistance of the water. Water-based training sessions have proven to be effective for many types of exercisers, particularly those with limited mobility or recovering from injury. The water's buoyancy helps provide support to working muscles and joints, and the moisture in the pool draws heat away from the body and help regulate body temperature. There is also the added resistance of the water, which makes some movements and exercises more challenging than on dry land.

This lesson combines exercises on the hydro rider (special aqua bike) with other exercise with other materials (dumbbells, noodles, kick boards and more). This means you get a full body workout with stamina and strength exercises. Because the water massages your skin it will also have a positive effect on cellulite. The upbeat music will stimulate everybody and makes sure you have a lot of fun! 


We have the lessons in different levels and for different groups. Please check with our staff to see which lesson would fit you best.

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