Snorkel equipment, diving equipment, tank fills, tank rental, we have it all!


Rental rules and regulations:

  • We ask for a credit card deposit, ID and scuba certification card (in case of scuba gear).

  • When you come and rent scuba gear for the first time, we need you to do at least a 1 tank dive with us up front.

  • You can insure the equipment for US $10,- per person per day with an own risk of US $50,- a day.

Price list rental equipment:

  • Airfill 

  • Mask and snorkel

  • Fins 

  • BCD

  • Regulator 

  • Tank (full) 

  • Wet suit 

Are you a local diver? Inform in our dive shop for local discounts.

US $ 6,00

US $ 8,00

US $ 8,00
US $ 15,00

US $ 15,00

US $ 15,00

US $ 8,00

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