Babies and toddlers
Most babies take the water with ease as it is a very natural environment for them. Swimming at younger age helps to prepare them as confident swimmers later in life. It offers multiple benefits including strengthened cardio-respiratory function, improved appetite and stable sleeping patterns.


6 months – 3 years (30 min)
Walk in parent and child class with focus on safety and fun. Our instructor will provide you with exercises and you will receive advice about basic swim survival skills with your child. In this class the parent will join and needs to be comfortable in the water.

Every Sunday @ 10.00 am 


3 year old swim class (45 min)
A 10 week session for kids age 3. These lessons are all about fun! In a playful way the instructors teach basic skills like floating on belly and back, blowing bubbles and jumping. After this class (when turning 4) your child will be ready to join in our regular swim program. The children will be in the water with instructors, parents can watch from the side.


Next 10 week session - October / November 2019

Lap swimming

Condition swim


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