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Aruba is known for its many shipwrecks and interesting coral formations. The water (80 F/ 28 C on average) is rich in exotic marine life, and visibility is mostly between 60-150 feet / 18-45 meter. We dive with groups of maximum 6 divers with 1 instructor or dive master. 

Refresh / Check out dive

When you haven't been diving for a while it's nice to freshen up your skills and join us on a relaxed, shallow shore dive in a small group. When you haven't been diving for more then 1 year, we require that you do this 'refresh' dive. Don't worry, the diving will still be very beautiful, we just take some time to get back comfortable in the water.

This is how it works:

  1. Watch a 25 minute instruction video

  2. Build op your gear with your instructor

  3. Go to the beach and practice skills (5/10 minutes) in shallow water

  4. Have a beautiful 40 - 45 minute dive

Shore Diving
We do shore diving every day of the week (except for Sundays). Most of the time we go to the Malmok area for a beautiful and shallow dive. Sometimes we head to the South side of the island. Mangel Halto, Hole in the wall and Santo Largo are dive sites we often visit.


Boat Diving
Our boat goes out on Monday to Saturday morning to Aruba's beautiful wrecks and reefs. We love to dive on the South and West side of the island. Our comfortable boat fits a maximum of 12 guests and has plenty of space and shade. Check out some pictures of our boat here.

Night Diving

Diving in the dark can be a whole new and exciting experience. At night the marine world appears to be more beautiful, colorful and mysterious. We do night diving on request in small groups. We offer night diving from shore or from our boat (min. 4 guests). Aqua Windie's does not provide dive lights during this activity.

Private Trips
Would you like to enjoy a nice and relaxed trip without other guest's on your trip? Our private trips can be fully customized to suit your needs. You can do the dives from shore or from the boat. Prices are on request and will be specified for your wishes and needs.
Let us know what you have in mind and we will do our best to give you the best experience possible!

Lion Fish Hunting 

To protect our reef we often hunt on Lion fish. On request we can take you on a Lion fish hunting dive. We do the Lion fish Hunting from shore and in small groups. Since this is a special dive we will ask you to join us on a 'regular' boat or shore dive before we go on the Lion Fish trip.

Excited to get in the water? Book your dive trip here!

Does your dive trip not appear in our booking system? Feel free to contact us directly for your request! 

The Dive Crew

PADI Courses


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