Age: 4 years and up (45 min per class)
Being able to swim is a must on an island like Aruba. Not only that, it’s a lot of fun and children learn a lot. We have beginner groups and diploma swimming for diploma A till F. Every step up is a little bit more demanding and challenging.

Our swim program is broken down as follows: 

  • Level one: Water acclimation - Focus on becoming comfortable and safe in and under the water. Skills include: floating & sinking, turning, blowing bubbles and basic movement. 

  • Level two: Water Movement - focus on how our bodies move through the water, Skills include rolling, streamlining, freestyle kicking and breaststroke kick. 

  • Level three: Water Stamina - Focus on swimming longer distances, breathing control, treading water & survival skills. Skills include proper breast stroke, freestyle, elementary backstroke

  • Diploma Levels A-F: Following the Arubaanse Zwem Bond requirements

For levels 1,2 and 3 our ratio is 6 students per instructor, for diploma training this is 8 students per instructor. 

We teach our swim classes on the following days:



Age: 16 years and up (45 min per class)
If you never had the time or availability to learn to swim, It is never to late to learn! The only difference between adults and children in learning how to swim, is that it’s a little bit more difficult for adults to get comfortable in the water. But the more you practice, the better it goes! 

We teach our adults swim class on the following day: 

Thursday: 7.00 pm (class duration: 45 min)

2:30pm & 3:45pm & 5.00pm

2:30pm & 3:45pm & 5:00pm

2:30pm & 3:45pm & 5.00pm

3.45pm & 5.00 pm

9.30am & 10:45am & 12:00pm & 1:15pm

Lap swimming

Condition swim

Baby / Toddler

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